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The Disadvantages of Replica and Fake Jewellery

17 May 2016

Sometimes you may adore a genuine piece of jewellery so much that you contemplate purchasing a cheap replica. Perhaps the fake is very similar to an authentic piece or the price is drastically reduced. Although the replica may offer temporary pleasure, over time it most likely brings dissatisfaction. In fact, there are many downfalls when it comes to the disadvantages of replica and fake jewellery.


The disadvantages of replica and fake jewellery are definitely the poor quality. For the most part, fake jewellery is made with cheaper materials and often manufactured poorly. In truth, in order to cut costs the manufacturing process and the materials are of low grade and substandard.


A well-made and artistic piece of jewelry most often increases in value over time. However, poor quality jewellery decreases in value quite quickly. In fact, generally fake and cheap jewellery starts falling apart in less than a year after purchase.


Oftentimes a replica and fake piece of jewellery are made with inexpensive materials such as cheap metals plated with gold or silver. To top it off, many of the cheap metals cause an allergic reaction for the wearer. Health issues and allergic reactions include rash, sore liaisons, itching and breakouts.


The disadvantages of replica and fake jewellery are obvious in the inferior style and design. In reality, many of the designs are far from the streamline of fashion and are way outdated. However, some fakes are very similar to the genuine authentic piece. But an experienced jewellery retailer or repair service has a trained eye and can tell the difference.


Although you may be happy with the fake jewellery you purchased, the piece may be violating copyright laws and regulations. Depending on the piece, just owning a replica can break many copyright laws. For instance, Tiffany jewellery or certain Swiss watches are trademarked and have strict copyrights. Purchasing a fake would breach those laws.


In some areas, there are laws and regulations in affect that make purchasing a replica an actual crime. The truth of the matter, you can actually get heavily fined and even incarcerated. So if in doubt, always consult a professional first before purchasing.


The majority of companies that sell fake jewellery are funded by criminal organizations. So when you purchase a fake or replica, you support the criminal that makes it. As well, buying these items assists in laundering their funds.

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