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Platinum Jewellery Benefits versus Gold Benefits

14 August 2018

The two top metals for any type of fine jewellery today are platinum and gold. While platinum only comes in a white finish, gold comes in both yellow and white versions. You will have an easy time identifying yellow gold from platinum and white gold, but it is next to impossible to tell platinum and white gold apart with the naked eye. To understand the differences between gold and platinum, you need to learn the following facts about yellow gold, white gold and platinum.


Yellow gold is gold mixed with alloys that helps preserve its natural yellow colouring. How pure yellow gold is depends upon the percentage of pure gold there is in the given batch. For example, 14-carat yellow gold is 58.5-percent pure. Since this colour of gold is always noticeably yellow, it is easy to tell it from white gold or platinum. Also, yellow gold contains more nickel than white gold does.


While white gold can be just as pure as yellow gold can be in 14-carat, 18-carat and 24-carat versions, the alloys in it along with its rhodium plating make it appear white instead of yellow. White gold contains more zinc than yellow gold does for the most part.


Even though platinum and white gold both look similar, there are major differences. Platinum is approximately 95-percent pure with only 5-percent of other pure alloys mixed in with it. This is the major reason why platinum is higher priced than all types of gold. Also, it is naturally white and does not depend on the alloys for its colouring nor does it require rhodium plating for its white appearance.


  • If your skin tone is warm rather than cool, you may lean more towards the yellow gold rather than the platinum or white gold. On the other hand, if your skin tone is pale or cool, the white gold or platinum may appeal to you more since it will complement your skin tone in the ideal fashion.
  • When you have a nickel allergy, you should seriously consider platinum for your jewellery pieces since it always contains less nickel than either colour of gold does normally. Also, platinum will retain its original colour throughout its lifespan unlike white gold that tends to turn yellow over time.
  • Yellow gold could complement pale colours of gemstones better than white gold or platinum does while the reverse may be true for dark gemstones.
  • When needing to choose budget-friendly fine jewellery, though, either colour of gold is cheaper than platinum is.

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