The Importance of Jewelry Appraisal

07 April 2014

Many times people are stumped on whether or not they should have their jewelry appraised. The answer is not only simple, but quite clear when all things are considered. If your jewelry is of any value then you should definitely have it appraised. This is especially true if it is, or if you plan to have it insured. When you have your jewelry appraised there will be a detailed record of the piece. It will have a full description and […]

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What are the most popular cuts for a diamond?

20 March 2014

There are four C’s attributed to a diamond – cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Of the four, it is the cut that defines the look and feel of a diamond. The term cut refers to two things in the diamond industry. First, is used to describe the shape of a diamond like for instance you can call a specific diamond an emerald cut diamond. Cut is also used is to describe the reflective features of a diamond and this specific […]

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All about Pearls

07 March 2014

Pearls have been in existent for over a thousand years. Amongst the gems in existence, a pearl is the only living gem born out of living organisms generally known as Mollusks, they are mostly made up of nacre. Conchiolin is secreted from the mollusks, which when hardens forms the shiny structure of the pearl. Essentially, pearls are created from pearl oysters. The Japanese first discovered how to produce cultured pearls, thereby making them available to everyone who can afford it. […]

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What Is the Difference between Antique and Vintage Jewellery?

20 February 2014

Through the ages, people have always adorned themselves with different kinds of jewelleries, from the wedding ring that couples wear every day to the heirlooms that we only get to use on very special occasions. However, do you know how to categorize your favourite jewellery pieces? Just like furniture and other antiques, jewellery is generally categorized via a royalty period era. For example, some jewelleries are tagged as Edwardian, Georgian, or Victorian. The major difference between antique and vintage jewellery […]

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The Four C’s of Diamonds: A Quick Guide

07 February 2014

For most people, buying a diamond is a unique experience, perhaps even once-in-a-lifetime. But it should not be overwhelming or confusing as long as you are armed with the right know-how in selecting the best quality you can afford. This quick guide to a diamond’s four C’s will surely take you to your perfect diamond. 1) CARAT Of the four C’s, carat weight is the only standard that can be objectively measured. A carat is 1/5 of a gram, or […]

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