Women’s Wristwatches: What’s New in Style?

09 March 2022

Simplicity and vintage-inspired timepieces are the top trends for this year. Huge watch faces, bejewelled rims, two-toned and rainbow colours, and sporty-chic are all the rage. Right now, these are the watch styles that are the most popular. So let’s get into it to find out which are the most popular trends for this year.Minimalist Watches Minimalist watches are the trend for women this year. They’re everywhere, from city streets to the most recent Instagram and Pinterest posts. Although minimalist […]

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New Trend: Everything You Need to Know about Couple Rings

25 February 2022

Couple rings can symbolise many different sentiments according to who wears them. In general, these stunning rings are worn by couples to represent their devotion to one another. These rings also signify the equality of both people engaged in a loving relationship. Even if you and your partner have no plans to be married, wearing couple rings can symbolise your commitment to each other. If you and your significant other are ready to move your relationship to the next level, […]

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Wristwatch Valuation and How Experts Determine their Price

09 February 2022

One of the major criteria for appraising the value of a wristwatch is, as you would expect, the brand. There are many leading names among the top brands, including Patek Philippe of Geneva, Switzerland, Breguet, Bvlgari, Cartier, Tiffany, France Muller, Omega, Piaget and Rolex. Each watch is also evaluated for pricing according to its major components and the current market trends. How Experts Determine the Value of a Wristwatch for Pricing Expert jewellers determine the market value of a wristwatch […]

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What is Corrosion Pitting in Wristwatches and How Do You Prevent It?

25 January 2022

Wristwatches that have stainless steel watch cases provide the timepiece movement with a safe, protective cover for operating smoothly. Stainless steel is a metal alloy that contains the components of iron, carbon and other elements. These alloying components are selected due to their ability to prevent the steel from corroding. (This explains the alloy’s name of “stainless steel.”) The main alloying elements included in the composition of stainless steel are chromium and nickel. When eight percent or more of each […]

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Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Your Gemstone Jewelry

06 January 2022

What do you have to clean your gemstone gems? Notwithstanding, before you clean your jewellery yourself, or regardless of whether you hire an expert goldsmith, include a little gemology along with everything else. Our series of articles on gemstone care will assist you with settling on the best decision and tell you the best way to clean your gemstone adornments securely. High Hardness Doesn’t Mean a Gem Resists All Types of Exposure Try not to accept a jewel’s protection from […]

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