Minimalistic Jewellery Pieces: Tips and Tricks on How to Layer Them

07 March 2019

Instead of wearing your heavy, chunky or large statement jewellery pieces, look to minimalistic pieces to adorn your outfits today. The latter is what is trending lately since you can combine them in interesting, unique ways to suit your specific outfit and style preferences. Minimalistic pieces of jewellery include delicate necklaces with simple pendants or charms, rings, and post or delicate dangle earrings along with thin, lightweight bracelets. While you may know how to wear your chunky or large jewellery […]

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Wrist Watch Buying Guide: Tips to Remember Before Making Your Purchase

27 February 2019

When the time comes to buy a new watch, it can be a confusing and daunting experience, as there are many styles of wrist watches available today that have various features to choose from. It can take much time and consideration in choosing a watch that best meets your needs. Here is a simple wrist watch buying guide with some suggested tips to remember before making your purchase of a new wrist watch. Helpful Tips to Remember Before Making Your […]

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Wedding Ring Styles and Trends for 2019

14 February 2019

If you are in the process of planning your wedding day some time in 2019, part of your plan probably is what type of wedding rings or bands suits your preference. As you look at various styles of these bands in the shops or online, you may start to notice what is trending this year. Each year, different styles come to the forefront and others decrease in popularity. Below, we share some of the wedding ring styles and trends for […]

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2019 Engagement Ring Styles that Every Soon-To-Be Bride Must Choose From

31 January 2019

Selecting an engagement is a task that requires a lot of thought and planning in order to find the right one. After all, you will be wearing it for years. For this reason, you should choose one that will be stylish down through the years and complement your hand and style choices as well. To help you with your search, we offer you the following 2019 engagement ring styles that we feel any soon-to-be bride needs to choose from to […]

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The Charm of Personalised Eternity Necklace and Bracelet

15 January 2019

Have you been looking for ways to impress the person that you love and care about? Are you seeking out some beautiful jewellery for yourself, something that you could see yourself wearing for years on end? In either situation, you might want to consider the beauty and depth of meaning that a personalised eternity necklace or bracelet can provide. If you haven’t considered customised eternity jewellery before, stick around so that we can highlight a few reasons as to why […]

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