Benefits of Buying High Quality Swiss Brand Wrist Watches

27 September 2018

Whether you are looking to buy a new watch as a piece of fashion or merely looking to add a bit of mechanical functionality to your life, it never hurts knowing where to get the best product for the job. While wristwatches have started to fade away thanks to the prevalence of smart phones, more and more people are looking to adding luxury watches to their clothing repertoire to make a statement. While most people don’t know much about watches, […]

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History of Victorinox Watches

12 September 2018

Victorinox Swiss Army Inc. is a world renowned manufacturer of the famous Swiss Army knives that have been popular for years. What some people do not realise is that this company also makes other quality products, including watches. It is the latter that we are here to discuss. These watches contain the same skillful workmanship as the company’s Swiss Army knives and therefore, accurately tell time for years to come while maintaining their ideal condition. To understand the history of […]

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Victorinox Watches: 30% off Stocks Available in September!!!

27 August 2018

In the 50 years that our company, Ken Ross Jewellers, has been in business, we have been pleased to serve the needs of our customers by providing them with high-quality fine jewellery pieces and watches. Today, we are delighted to announce that during the month of September that you can save 30-percent on all of our in-stock Victorinox watches. We offer numerous styles of these reliable, durable watches in both men and women styles. Brief History of the Victorinox Company […]

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Platinum Jewellery Benefits versus Gold Benefits

14 August 2018

The two top metals for any type of fine jewellery today are platinum and gold. While platinum only comes in a white finish, gold comes in both yellow and white versions. You will have an easy time identifying yellow gold from platinum and white gold, but it is next to impossible to tell platinum and white gold apart with the naked eye. To understand the differences between gold and platinum, you need to learn the following facts about yellow gold, […]

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Luxury Watches for Women: Why Should You Have One?

25 July 2018

Trying to locate a durable, stylish feminine-style watch can be mind-boggling at present since there are so many brands, styles and sizes of them available. If you are in search of a quality lady’s watch, you may want to consider one of the many luxury watches on the market today. After all, the luxury watches are more stylish and innovative than other watches are along with other beneficial attributes. To help illustrate this last statement, we share the many reasons […]

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