Victorinox Watches Available at Ken Ross Jewellers: Why Buy Them?

16 May 2019

If you are like many others are today, you still enjoy wearing an accurate timepiece on your wrist to know what time it is during the day. With so many watch brands on the market today, you may find it difficult to choose a quality one that stands up to daily wear. Ken Ross Jewellers is proud of the fact that we carry a wide assortment of Victorinox watches for your consideration. We share with you why we believe that […]

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‘Swiss Made’ Watches and Their History: What Is the Real Story?

01 May 2019

Switzerland has a long and illustrious history with watchmaking. In fact, for many years the ‘Swiss Made’ watches from this country have been revered as the best in the world for their workmanship, styling and accuracy. Definition of ‘Swiss Made’ Watches Only certain watches are permitted to carry the ‘Swiss Made’ mark on them. All of them must adhere to the following rules to do so: • A minimum of 60 percent of the total production costs for the watch […]

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Why Diamond Jewellery Is the Top Choice for Women?

16 April 2019

For centuries, diamond jewellery has been the preferred choice with women. Whether they are in search of a necklace, ring, pair of earrings, bracelet or watch, they will gravitate towards the ones that contain diamonds. They love the brilliance of the stones, different facets of the diamonds, the value of these pieces and other qualities. Jewellers understand this fact and market their diamond pieces accordingly. To further explore this attraction that women have to this type of jewellery, read the […]

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Broken Swiss Watch With Sentimental Value: Is it Worth Fixing?

02 April 2019

Luxury watches have long been a status symbol and a wise investment. Anyone who has extra money to spare ought to consider buying at least one luxury watch as an investment, or as a personal gift. The thing to consider with high-end watches, especially the ones made by the Swiss, is that they are guaranteed to last a very long time. Many Swiss timepieces are quality made, elegantly designed, and durable enough to make for excellent heirlooms. Still, accidents and […]

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A Guide to Buying Jewellery and Watches for Children

22 March 2019

Anyone who is considering buying jewellery and watches for children can take the opportunity to create a meaningful and life changing experience that can teach and help children, in a very special way. Since the most ancient of times, jewellery, clothing, and personal accessories have been an effective form of expression for cultures everywhere. The choice of jewellery and clothing, whether it is an intentional choice or an unconscious decision, affects how people are perceived by others. With that said, […]

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