Repairing Vintage and New Omega Watches: Ken Ross Jewellers is Your One-stop Shop

16 July 2019

Luxury watches are not only considered a wise investment, but they are and always have been a status symbol. High-end Omega watches are an ideal personal gift choice and are guaranteed to last a long time if cared for properly. In fact, because quality Omega watches are durable and made to last, they often become valuable heirlooms. Is it worth repairing vintage and new omega watches? Absolutely! While Omega watches are durable and made to last, unforeseen accidents happen and […]

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Bring Back the Luster of Your Wedding Ring: Let Professional Jewellery Cleaners Do the Job

02 July 2019

Even with its high resiliency, your wedding ring can lose its luster with normal daily wear. While there are numerous cleaning methods promoted in the media and online today, you should let professional jewellery cleaners perform the job periodically to receive optimal results. They will understand the best techniques and/or solutions to use for your specific type of ring to return its ideal, lustrous condition safely and effectively. How Often Should You Have Your Wedding Professionally Cleaned? It is advisable […]

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Designed Out of Japanese Precision: Why Seiko Watches Remain Popular?

17 June 2019

Seiko – the ubiquitous timepiece everyone thinks of whenever the idea of high-quality Japanese-made timepieces is mentioned. Founded by Hattori Kintaro in 1881, it is today one of the most popular mid-tier automatic luxury watches. The brand was originally called ‘Seikosha’ (literally, ‘house of exquisite craftsmanship’) the founded developed clockwork and jewellery prior to entering the watch-making industry. The company’s long line of wristwatches and pocket watches have combined the best in functionality and durability, with just the right touch […]

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Authentic Grandfather Clock: How Do You Know If You’re Buying the Right One?

03 June 2019

An authentic grandfather clock can be much more than just an apparatus to tell you the correct time. For one thing, it is an investment to purchase one of these clocks since a quality one is not inexpensive. Luckily, though, it can last for so long that you can make a family heirloom out of it and pass it on to many generations of your family. On top of all of this, it is a highly attractive décor piece that […]

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Victorinox Watches Available at Ken Ross Jewellers: Why Buy Them?

16 May 2019

If you are like many others are today, you still enjoy wearing an accurate timepiece on your wrist to know what time it is during the day. With so many watch brands on the market today, you may find it difficult to choose a quality one that stands up to daily wear. Ken Ross Jewellers is proud of the fact that we carry a wide assortment of Victorinox watches for your consideration. We share with you why we believe that […]

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