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Author: Netwizseo

Covid19 Protocol Stage 4 Restrictions: Temporary Closure of Ken Ross Jewellers

Blog | August 12th, 2020

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, its effects from an economic point of view of every country affected by this situation can be troubling. Fortunately, governments in almost all these countries do everything that they can do to mitigate, slow down, and eventually stop the haunting effects of COVID-19 not just for the economy but also for the welfare and safety of their people. So, to effectively control the community transmission of COVID-19 in metropolitan Melbourne, the Victorian premier has […]

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White Gold, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold: The Three Types of Gold

Blog | July 30th, 2020

Numerous civilisations have been incorporating gold as the prime symbol of wealth, goodness, wisdom, and eternity. Different cultures have also used gold items to wholeheartedly acknowledge the achievements of a person, a group, or an institution. Eternal vows and other associated traditions likewise maximise golden rings and other gold accessories as a symbol of commitment and devotion. The lustrous yellow shades of this element have lured people for centuries to find and purchase the best one out there. As for […]

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5 Important Guidelines for Gauging Emeralds

Blog | July 14th, 2020

While the number of people who like ruby, sapphire, and diamond can be huge, there are also other types of people who prefer their gemstones green. One of the most popular gemstones in the world is emerald, as it grandly carries the green colour to any piece of jewellery available out there. Emeralds are preferred by many gemstone enthusiasts out there because of its unmatched lush blueish-green tones. These stones, which are a variety of the beryl mineral family, are […]

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How Do Diamonds Obtain Their Colours?

Blog | June 29th, 2020

Most people choose gold as the main material for pieces of jewellery because of its overall value and characteristics. However, a lot of them also prefer pieces of jewellery that are decorated with diamonds. Diamonds are gemstones that are constantly linked to the idea of expressing devotion or showing off status symbols by incorporating them into rings, necklaces, and other fine jewellery items. These gemstones are favoured by people since they are durable, rare, beautiful, and culturally significant. Characteristics of […]

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Water Resistance: A Quintessential Part of Swiss Watches

Blog | June 11th, 2020

Normally, watches that are made or assembled in Switzerland or the geographic Swiss region can all be categorised under Swiss watches. Watches may also only be considered Swiss if their final inspection occurred in Switzerland and a specific percentage of their manufacturing costs are domestic. All these requirements make Swiss watch intricate yet elegant pieces of timekeeping. No matter where you are in the world, most people would immediately recognise the elegance and precise nature of Swiss watches. Swiss watches […]

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